eLearning Resources Catalogue

The catalogue of eLearning resources is available at this address
http://challengineering.com/catalogue (opens in a new window)

The catalogue provides access to a large collection of eLearning resources for studies in Engineering.

The resources do not depend upon the catalogue. The catalogue is simply a way of categorising and finding the resources. Once you have found whatever resource you are looking for, you can note the address of that resource and then you can use the resource completely independently of the catalogue.

Challengineering encourages you to adopt an 'e-warehouse' metaphor. Each eLearning resource in the e-warehouse is available as a simple web link. The e-warehouse is a large collection of resource links. The catalogue is an aid to exploring the e-warehouse. You are encouraged to explore the catalogue, raid the warehouse, and take whatever links you like. Hopefully you will then place those links into your own innovative educational context.

It is, of course, obligatory that you pay attention to copyright information associated with each resource, but you can assume that using these resources within the context of teaching and learning at Swinburne is a legitimate use of the resources. See also Copyright. (opens in a new window)

See the section on Exploring the Catalogue for further information about how the catalogue works and for some help on how to use the catalogue effectively.

It can be very useful to assemble your own lists of favourite resources. Many of your educational innovations will include some kind of list of resources (even if it doesn't actually look like a list). Challengineering offers some pre-compiled lists which you are welcome to exploit. One benefit of a Challengineering list is the fact that the address of the list is itself a stable resource which you can immediately use like any other resource. See the section on Pre-compiled Lists of Resources for further details.

You may be wondering what kind of eLearning resources are available. You can see some illustrative examples in the Samples Gallery section.