Engaging with eLearning

In this project we have chosen to highlight two (of many possible) perspectives that relate to eLearning. The two perspectives are summarised in the simple sketch below.
These two perspectives overlap and are complementary. The implication is that both perspectives share a common responsibility of analysing educational scenarios and designing educational scenarios en route to providing their respective specialised functions.
In the case of analyst-developers, those specialised functions are providing eLearning resources and services. In the case of teachers, those specialised functions are teaching and exploiting eLearning resources as part of that teaching.

For the Teacher's perspective, Rosemary Borland has developed an online course specifically for teachers seeking guidance on Teaching with eLearning.
See Teaching with eLearning

For the Analyst-Developer's perspective, Douglas Siviter has provided an article based on a set of 'rough guides' for someone engaged in the process of Engineering eLearning.
See Engineering eLearning