Module 5: Managing your online unit

5.3 Managing grades and providing feedback

The Blackboard iLearn Grade Centre is used to record and maintain students’ grades. Student grades can be either automatically or manually added to the Grade Cenre. Manually added grades can be entered individually for each student, or uploaded in bulk. Automatically entered grades can be changed manually once they appear in the Grade Centre.

Assigning grades to assignment submissions

Once your students have submitted their assignments, there are a number of ways you can access the submissions to assign a grade and provide feedback to students:

  1. From the Needs Marking link (Grade Centre>>Needs Marking). This gives you the option to mark assignment submissions by question (i.e you can mark all students’ attempts at question 1 before moving on to question 2.).
  2. From the Full Grade Centre link (Grade Centre>>Full Grade Centre), or
  3. You can bulk download submitted assignments via the Assignment File Download link

Remember to note your comments on the students’ submissions in the Feedback to User field. You will find further details on managing grades and the iLearn grade book in the Assignments in iLearn guide.

Read the Assignments in iLearn guide on the Learning Technologies website for more detail on how to grade assignments.