Module 5: Managing your online unit

5.3 Managing grades and providing feedback

Managing grades

Grades from tests, assignments, and discussion board threads are automatically added to the Grade Centre. Each gradable item created within the iLearn unit automatically generates a Grade Centre column.

To find out how to select and view a grade in the Grade Centre, watch the View Grade Details video from Blackboard.

The best way to understand how assignments are managed in Blackboard iLearn is to try it out yourself, as follows:

  1. Log in to your unit and set a practice assignment.
  2. Then log in to Student View (Hint: select Student View from the Tools menu). You will then be able to submit an assignment as the Demo Student.
  3. Return to Teacher view, go to Grade Center, Needs Marking, Mark asssignment, and provide some feedback to the student (yourself).
  4. Go back to Student View, select My Grades and see how it appears to the student.

Watch Greg Bird's video on The BBLearn Grade Center (and how it's better than WebCT).

Other resources

You might also find the following resources useful.
Learning Management System user guide: Grade Centre (PDF) (University of Melbourne, 2012)

Getting started with the Grade Center (PDF) (Blackboard Inc., 2010)