Module 5: Managing your online unit

5.4 Getting help with Blackboard

There’s nothing better than having a great looking, functional and user-friendly iLearn unit. You need to become familiar with the elements of Blackboard iLearn that allow you to do this. You should be able to set up units that are easily navigable, accessed and used by students.

There’s a number of places you can go for information about how to use the various elements of Blackboard iLearn, as well as other supporting technologies, to develop effective and engaging online learning environments.

1. Swinburne’s Learning Technologies portal
The Swinburne Learning Technologies portal is a one-stop location for Learning Technologies at Swinburne. On this website, you will find step-by-step, self-help guides, instructional videos, information about how to access the various technologies as well as case studies showcasing how technology is being used to enhance student learning in various contexts.

2. The Support link on your Blackboard iLearn MyUnits page

  • support announcements
  • a list of people you can contact for assistance with resolving or escalating iLearn (Blackboard) issues
  • Quick Tutorials catalog (from Blackboard)
  • Lectopia help
  • Blackboard help
  • Browser check to make sure your browser is configured correctly

3. Greg Bird’s eLearning Quicktips

Greg Bird from Swinburne TAFE School of Business has developed a suite of eLearning quicktip videos covering how to use Blackboard iLearn and various other eLearning technologies. These videos are very accessible and easy to understand and they’re quick (5 minutes or less). Well worth spending an hour or two watching the whole lot!

4. Yammer

Join the conversation in the BBLearn group on Swinburne’s Yammer site. If there’s something you’re confused about or want to learn more, post a question and you’ll get a response from some of the best techie minds at Swinburne.

Don’t know what Yammer is? Check out Greg Bird’s video What is Yammer?
If you’re not on Yammer already, join up and add yourself to the BBLearn group. Post a question and see how long it takes to get a response.

5. Help with technical issues

Contact the Blackboard helpdesk by using the Help request web form or phone on (03) 9214 5295 between 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.